22 September 2020

Naseej expects to complete the first phase of the main canal in CanalView by the end of 2020


• 1.6 km canal promenade and footbridges below the waterfall in a stunning natural setting 
• "CanalView" will transform Delmunia and Muharraq into a prominent real estate, tourism and entertainment icon in the Kingdom


Manama - 22 September 2020: Naseej has announced that the first phase of construction of the main canal in the heart of Dilmunia is expected to be completed by the end of 2020, with the first phase accounting for most of the construction in the canal and covering 50% of the total project work. 
The canal is the most important attraction of CanalView, with its uniqueness in the level of real estate development projects in the Kingdom and its impressive features on the charming and unique island of Dilmunia in Muharraq, combining the luxury of living and stunning landscapes. 
Mr. Mohammed Khalil Al Sayed, Managing Director of Naseej, said: "We are pleased with what has been achieved so far at the CanalView project site in Dilmunia, which is proceeding as planned, as the last few weeks have seen rapid momentum in the construction work in the water channel, coinciding with the 70% completion of the CanalView completion rate, despite the exceptional changes imposed by the Coronavirus (Coved-19), reflecting the flexibility and strategies of the company in completing its development projects with the new erm. High in all circumstances."

"CanalView is one of the main pillars of the company's vision of attracting more interest from investors and families as one of the most prominent real estate destinations in the Kingdom, with the company continuing to pursue a diversified portfolio of real estate projects that have a clear impact on sustaining the economic wheel turnover and maximizing the real estate sector's contribution to GDP in line with the objectives of Economic Vision 2030." 

Mr. Ahmed Al Hammadi, General Manager of Naseej, said: "The CanalView project will make a significant contribution to redefining a new and modern concept of luxury living across the Kingdom, thanks to the project's 4 buildings, with a total of 246 apartments, all overlooking the canal, in a harmonious view between the luxury of living and the stunning sea view. 

The variety of apartments at CanalView adds to the uniqueness of this unique residential experience, which includes studio, one bedroom, two bedrooms, 3 bedrooms and 4 bedrooms, designed with the finest designs and luxury facilities such as the indoor and outdoor swimming pool, gym, social lounge and private gardens, which translates into a sustainable commitment to the introduction and construction of innovative and high-value real estate projects for all sides of the equation from families looking for a modern lifestyle or eager to achieve rewarding returns." 

Added Al Hammadi: "Muharraq in general and Dilmonia in particular will be on an exceptional date with a long-awaited integrated real estate project that will surely transform the region into a prominent real estate, tourism and entertainment icon across the Kingdom, thanks to its residential facilities and multi-use components, and its strategic location in one of the newest integrated islands with its exceptional waterways, CanalView will be the most distinctive and attractive for visitors, tourists and investors alike, and the first destination and leisure-seekers and life-seekers and destinations.

The promenade at CanalView will be the main waterfront of the project, with a path of about 1.6 km and a width of 15 to 35 metres, allowing residents to stroll along the canal on the one hand, shops, cafes and retail centres on the other. There will also be many light water activities in the main canal to include canoeing, kayaking and other sports for the whole family.

The canal walkway is connected to the canal bridges connecting canal view to the new Mall of Dilmunia and the Main Park, where the pedestrian bridges in the project will provide a unique experience with a 4-metre waterfall, and residents of CanalView can stroll down the waterfall to be one of the finest and most beautiful pedestrian bridges ever in the Kingdom.

The water source at CanalView consists of the centre of The Island of Dilmunia, flowing along canals and waterways, continuing to flow through the main waterfall of the project, all the way to its last stop, the CanalView estuary and towards the open sea.
What will stand out for The CanalView project is its modern lifestyle in Dilmunia, one of the most promising residential and commercial areas in the Kingdom. The project is creatively designed, with all 246 apartments with spectacular views of the canal, waterfall, dancing fountains and pedestrian bridges, and residents will be on a date with stunning views of their own gardens and balconies, as well as when they are in the ground area of the project and also overlooking the canal, which will include a variety of restaurants, cafes and other shops.

For more about the CanalView project are requested to contact the sales team on +973 16 11 11 11, or visit the www.canalview.bh website.