04 October 2020



• A high percentage of Bahrainis hold high management positions 

• Janahi: Providing an ideal working environment for Bahraini talents and always keen to qualify them 


NASEEJ, one of the leading real estate developers in the Kingdom of Bahrain, has reported an 81% increase in the Bahrainization in the company 2020, a 5% increase over the 2018 rate.      
Naseej's business was first launched in 2010 and continues its tireless efforts to play a pivotal role in the real estate development sector thanks to its qualified national staff, where Bahraini competencies make up the vast majority of the company's management and executive staff, while ensuring that Bahrain's energies are assigned to senior management positions. 
Mr. Amer Mohammed Janahi, Head of Human Resources and Management at Naseej, said: "Naseej is proud to be one of bahrain's leading companies in the bahrainization of jobs and to provide the best job opportunities for qualified Bahraini cadres with 81% of the current level of 81%, and the company aspires to achieve a higher rate of freedom in the coming period of 85% and maintain this percentage in the foreseeable future, in line with the company's corporate human resources strategy to localize the available jobs."
Mr. Janahi added: "Naseej is always looking for bahraini talent with good experience and qualifications. The department also supports the training and qualification component for all staff and staff, in addition to supporting employees who wish to obtain professional qualifications without incurring any expenses, where the company covers the full expenses." 
Mr. Janahi continued: "As part of its corporate strategy, Naseej believes in the importance of graduating a promising and efficient generation to contribute to the upgrading of the real estate development sector, and therefore the company, in collaboration with the University of Bahrain and other universities, is keen to provide graduates and university students with the opportunity to benefit from the training period in various departments of the company, which includes: finance, project management, investments, construction, marketing, sales, and interior designs, in order to enable them to acquire the skills necessary to enter the labor market with high competence and professionalism."  
Naseej's portfolio includes a range of quality real estate projects, the foremost of which is the "CanalView" project in Dalmunia island, which consists of 4 buildings comprising a total of 246 apartments overlooking the canal, in a harmonious view between the luxury of living and the stunning sea view. The "Orchards" project in Basitin consists of 23 residential villas built on a total area of about 5,000 square meters.
The company's strategy and vision is focused on the implementation of various and distinct real estate projects in various regions of the Kingdom of Bahrain, based on its belief and active role in contributing to the development and prosperity of the Kingdom and raising the level of the real estate sector, and providing various opportunities to buy high-end units either for housing or investment and to obtain rewarding returns and achieve the objectives of shareholders.
Naseej provides an ideal working environment for Bahraini talent in the real estate development sector, making Bahrainis want to serve the company's objectives for many years, and many of them have been working for the company since its inception in 2010.