25 February 2020



Naseej’s management made its quarterly site visit to BASATEEN, to view overall project progress and look at the recent interior furnishings made to the Project’s show villa; a model mock up used as a tool to show potential customers a true view of BASATEEN’S offering.
Led by the construction team, Mr. Ahmed Al Hammadi was taken on a tour around the site and then visited the show villa.
The completion of the show villa is key to the projects' overall marketability, whereby potential buyers can view the property, and witness all aspects of the villa from its design, layouts and quality standards.
Mr. Al Hammadi was pleased with BASATEEN’S overall project construction progress, and was also satisfied with the progress made on the show villa. He noted that the show villa would definitely serve as a tool to help prospective buyers see the true potential of BASATEEN villas, noting their attractiveness, elegance and speciousness in real life.
The construction team maintained that construction progress was moving as planned, and were expecting the handover of the project by December 2020.