30 September 2020

In times of the COVID- Pandemic Work arrangements at NASEEJ


During these troublesome times, all staff at Naseej have been strictly reminded to adhere to Covid-related protocol when present at the office:

Naseej strives to safeguard its staff from harm, by maximizing workplace health and safety at all times. Naseej has provided all of the necessary items needed to help staff stay safe in the form of providing them with face masks, gloves, sanitizers, and temperature checks. The company has also provided staff with disposable cutlery, individual water bottles and installed sanitizers around the entire office. Information notices have also been posted around the office to keep staff informed about how to deal with the virus and reduce its spread. Internal emails have been circulated to all staff to keep them updated at all times.
Regular sanitization of the office has been carried out to ensure that the office is kept safe. 
The company’s HR team have been working tirelessly to manage staff numbers in the office; by introducing a two-week duty block for staff; where 50% of the staff work from the office, and the remaining 50% work from home. Once the two-week period is completed the next group of staff attend work from the office, while the remaining members work from home. 
This approach has proved successful in reducing the number of staff present in the office at one time, as well as reducing any spread of the virus should a member be regrettably infected. 

The HR team have communicated regularly with staff by instructing them to adhere to the following office protocols, these include:

1. Daily temperature checks: everyone must ensure their temperature is checked upon arrival to the office. 
2. Face masks must be worn at all times when moving around the office. 
3. Social distancing is mandatory at all times with a two-meter distance apart.  
4. Employees are to remain at their designated offices or desk spaces. Staff are urged not to visit other member of staff at their offices or share items among them. 
5. During meetings, masks must be worn throughout and a social distance of 2 meters should be kept between each member of staff. Further restrictions apply to the number of staff permitted to be present in the meeting rooms at Naseej, as fewer staff members are allowed in the smaller spaces.  
6. No lunch gathering for large groups are allowed. The maximum allowed group size is 3 persons; with the condition that a social distance is kept at all times. Staff are urged to use disposable items during their meal times, and asked to sanitize their surfaces as frequently as possible. 
7. Staff are encouraged to wash their hands frequently and sanitizing them. 
8. No guests from outside the Company are allowed to visit the office.
9. Meetings are urged to be conducted virtually over the Teams App. 
10. Disciplinary action will be enforced if a member of staff fails to adhere to the new restrictions.